As an industry leader in out-of-home advertising for more than 30 years, Corey Companies embraces a strong commitment to the highest standards quality and ethics in our advertising practices. The advertising guidelines below serve as an assurance to advertisers that we are dedicated to providing tasteful, high-quality advertising that meets our benchmarks for excellence and integrity while fitting the aesthetics of the space.

Corey Companies has adopted the following advertising standards, policies and practices—a modified version of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s (OAAA) Code of Industry Principles. Prospective advertisers should read and agree with these guidelines before applying for advertising space.

Corey Advertising Guidelines

1. We support the First Amendment right of advertisers to promote legal products and services.

2. We are committed to excellence in the ads we exhibit, recognizing that out-of-home advertising constitutes the most public “art gallery” there is.

3. We reject advertising that is misleading, offensive, or otherwise incompatible with individual community standards. In particular, we reject the posting of obscene words or pictorial content.

4. We are committed to providing public service messages to promote worthy community causes.

5. We advocate the use of out-of-home advertising for editorial, public service, and other noncommercial messages.

6. We are committed to providing the highest possible levels of value and service to our advertisers.

7. We are committed to maintaining and improving the quality, appearance, and safety of our out-of-home advertising structures and locations.

8. We encourage the use of new technologies and innovations as we continuously improve the service we provide to advertisers and the information we provide to the public.

9. We are committed to using recyclable and recycled materials whenever possible.

If you are in agreement with the advertising guidelines above and would like to discuss advertising opportunities with Corey Companies, give us a call at 404-419-9700, or contact us here.