Great Location is a Powerful Force!

Corey Companies is a diverse real estate holding and management company that strengthens our client’s brands by specializing in high-quality targeted locations in metropolitan Atlanta. We serve our clients through experience, location and ability.

U. S. Enterprises, Inc. commonly known as Corey Companies is a diverse real estate holding and management company that strengthens our client’s brands by specializing in high-quality targeted locations in metropolitan Atlanta.  We serve our clients through experience, location, and ability.

Corey connects tenants and investors to commercial real estate available for sale and lease. Our listings feature high-res photos to allow searchers to get a firsthand look at properties anytime, anywhere.  Corey also connects tenants and investors with our real estate staff that can offer solutions and professional guidance throughout every step of their search.

Corey builds strong ties with local, regional and national advertisers to deliver their message in a high tech visual manner that grabs the attention of the audience. With more than three decades of success in out-of-home advertising, we are known throughout the industry for our stellar service and commitment to quality.

A brief history

In 1978, gas station owner Billy Corey first established Corey Companies as a billboard advertising company in Atlanta. The company eventually expanded into other outlets such as radio, video games, stadium sponsorships, real estate and even the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. In 2002, we added airport advertising to our portfolio. Today, Corey Companies specializes in offering commercial real estate as well as advertising contractor for a growing number of locations, crafting and executing high-quality branding experiences that reach tens of millions of viewers every year.

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Why Corey Real Estate?

  • Full-Service Real Estate Operations.  We have in-house expertise for acquisitions, dispositions, underwriting, credit analysis, real estate finance, real estate legal transactions, property management, asset management and leasing.
  • Active Portfolio Management.  Our team actively monitors the broader real estate property markets and our real estate portfolios to capitalize on opportunities that enhance overall credit quality, strengthen yield characteristics and further diversify across tenancy, industry and geography. Our dynamic and disciplined portfolio strategy involves actively seeking opportunities to buy or sell properties, based on the investment objectives of the client.
  • Commercial Real Estate Experience.  As an investment management business, we have the benefit of leveraging our team of seasoned experts that brings decades of experience to our business.  We have been acquiring and managing commercial real estate for more than six decades.
 To discuss options and  Corey Real Estate availability, call Chuck Sanford at 678-296-4186, or contact us here.

Why partner with Corey?

The power of a great location is the ability to reach multiple viewers.  When you position an awe-inspiring digital display, people will look.  Positioning is everything and the Corey Tower is positioned to attract its audience.  Located in Downtown Atlanta along the downtown connector, the value of visibility and location is its branding vehicle.  The Corey Tower is available to use as a high-visibility branding vehicle and includes on-location commercial space.

Our End-to-end service focus, commitment to quality, and dedication to innovation create cutting-edge campaigns that command the attention of viewers, placing your company at the top-of-mind.

To discuss your options for adding high-quality advertising to your company’s marketing plan, call Nasha Sanders at 404-419-9720, or contact us here.