The ATL TOWER demands a powerful branding statement so that you STAND OUT among the rest with a truly unique, one of a kind opportunity.  With a 30-story tall structure and 2000 square foot digital display, the ATL TOWER is located at the downtown connector at the intersections of I-75, I-85, and I-20. This massive structure can be adapted creatively and aesthetically to STAND OUT visibly across the downtown area.

STAND OUT on the Digital Display


The centerpiece of the ATL TOWER is a spectacular 2000 square foot digital display presenting a brilliant, highly visible messaging and graphics 24 hours a day.


The digital display allows you to change your messages about products and services daily.





The ATL TOWER is perhaps the MOST strategic spot in Atlanta for local and national companies to make a branding statement to potential customers.

STAND OUT on the 30-Story Tall Structure

Customize the entire tower’s appearance by painting the tower structure in your brand color scheme and logo.

The vertical surface allows your brand to display a constant message to be seen in full color 24 hours a day.

STAND OUT with One-of-a-kind Benefits

Advertisers have a number of options available to them when advertising on the ATL TOWER.  Here are a few of the benefits available:

  • Exclusive use of the 2000 square-foot digital display
  • Exclusive strategic positioning rights on both the tower and display
  • Option for changing the entire look of the tower

The entire tower can be adapted creatively and aesthetically to display your branding statement to millions of viewers per day, giving your company unprecedented levels of visibility.  To discuss the possibility of advertising on the Corey Tower rebranding as ATL TOWER, call Nasha Sanders at 404-419-9720, or contact us here.

Envision STANDING OUT in Downtown Atlanta using the ATL TOWER as the centerpiece of your branding statement.  Our strategic location offers an advertiser a massive marketing canvas to STAND OUT.